Sunday, December 10, 2006

Penis Size and Arranged Marriage

A good friend sends me a BBC news article with the title "Condoms 'too big' for Indian men".
To summarize the article, it states that, after a 2 year study by the Indian Council of Medical Research, they found that Indian men have penises 3-5 centimeters shorter than
international standards. To be honest, this came as quite a surprise as Indians have masculine features, specifically their excessive body hair. But in retrospect, this should not have surprised me. At my last job, I worked with many Indians, many who arrived to the United States within the last decade. Very quickly, I noticed that there was something peculiar about them. They lacked a certain aggressiveness that most native Americans had. After much thought and many discussions, I concluded that this was the result of the persistence of arranged marriage in their culture. They lacked aggressiveness because they did not need to be aggressive. In general, their experience with the opposite sex was similar to that of someone in middle school. And the reason for this is because they do not need to be aggressive to find a mate, their parents in India are doing this for them. This lack of aggressiveness extends to other aspects of their lives as well. I noticed that they are very obedient in their work, and do not like conflict. These personality traits are consistent with a lack of testosterone. Therefore, my theory is that Indian men have a lack of testosterone due to the persistence of arranged marriage, and the end result is a smaller than normal penis size.
I did a quick search of the testosterone levels of Indian men on google and couldn't find anything. I look forward to seeing the results of this study...